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  1. Liquid attached to the uniformdry quickly and thoroughly with auto/semi-automatic functional, easy to operate.

  2. Use the Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump to replenish liquid agent is safely and simple.

  3. The barrel (roller) running speed by the inverter control, according to customs requirement, is subject to change settings. Maximum speed is 13.5 rpm.

  4. The time of every single section, to follow the products features to set up.

  5. According the product of the drying temperature required to decide, the machine temperature controller can up to 200, normal operating temperature range is 40~60℃.

  6. The Roller or Straight-mounted rotating frame forwardbackwardupdown all you can adjust the air flow above the cylinder front cover and back cover of the air pressure cylinder, can change its speed, but pay attention to the accuracy of positioning.

  7. Clutch/brake use the mechanical operation of steam pressure safelyensure high torque.

  8. The Roller or Straight-mounted rotating frame use the anti-drop mechanism operates in a thin cylinder and is safe and secure.(Optional)

  9. The Roller or Straight-mounted rotating frame revolution motor to use real explore-proof motor, high security.

  10. Use PLC system program to control the machine, function reliably easy to operate.


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Machine Pictures

Machine Types

Seal Adhesive Applying Device Machine
(Anti-Knock and separate type)

Seal Adhesive Applying Device Machine
(Normal type)

Seal Adhesive Applying Device Machine
(Single shaft slidedoor type)

Rust Preventing Applying Device

Rotary Barrel Drying Machine

Seal Shell Air Dry Rotary Machine

Burr Cutting Machine for Rubber and PU produce Allowance





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