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1966, Kao-Chan Co. Had been established and specialized into the manufacturing of blow molding machine. Due to his concentration of researching and developing combined with manufacturing philosophy of quality, Kao-Chan was the name of quality of blow molding machine and became to he leadership of territory in domestic market in Taiwan.

The history of Kao-Chan is the window of blow molding machine in Taiwan because of his new products developing and announcement keep technologies updated with market to meet high efficiency and stability required. Step by step, blow molding machine Had been developed for manual to pneumatic then automatic hydraulic operation system to suitable blowing application of PE,PP,PS,PC, PVC,NYLON,PET,PETG and PU, etc…, and production range covered form 5c.c to 220 litters of volume containers. Manufacturing range of blow molding machine including Single-Head, Double-Head or Multi-Head cooperates Single-Station or Twin Stations to blow molding the parts with Single, Two or Multi-color and Single, Double or Multi-Layers to meet with demand from territories including chemical Engineering, Cosmetics, Medicine, Stationery, Inspection, Sanitary, Foods, Drink and Auto parts, etc..

1992, changed the name to be instead of Horng-Ying Machinery Co., Ltd. and following the philosophy in the manufacturing and R&D of Blow Molding Machine, Besides, Horng-Ying has been involved into the developing and manufacturing of PVC floor tile back cement machine and whole plant manufacturing range of PVC tile back cement machine including 12"×12" 18"×18"24"×24" 3"~9"W×36"L3"~9"W×48"L for customer require, and processing machine of Torsion Testing Machine, suitable for DIY Air-Activated Tools and Ratchet Wrenches use.

1996, Involved into the developing and manufacturing of Seal Adhesive Applying Device Machine and Burr Cutting Machine & Rubber ancillary equipment.

1998, cooperated with friendship company to manufacturing range of vibration machine including Vertical / Horizontal Spindles Balance test Machine PCB Spindles Balance test machine & package Drop Test System.

1999, Promote going on the market the manufacturing of Speed Hydraulic press, Designed for the letter punching pressing and trimming, forming of various parts and accessories.

2000, Promote going on the market the manufacturing of multi-angle notching machine and tube drill machine, Designed for iron galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel tube, and special design for grinding and horizontalmoving simultaneously reducing sanding belt wearing and lower cost.

2020, The new plant in Taiping was completed.

Today, extending sales to cover export market demand and take challenge of world wide competition with high quality,durability reliability repeatability, services and low prices.


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